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About ODC

The Observatory of Cultural Diversity (Observatório da Diversidade Cultural – ODC) is a non- governmental organization that develops programs for collaborative actions among cultural managers, artists, art educators, cultural operators and researchers. The aim is to produce information and knowledge, generate experiences and experiments while working on the challenges of protecting and promoting cultural diversity. ODC seeks to build educational, cultural and managerial skills, encourage and conduct research and innovative practices in addition to providing mediation experiences in the field of Cultural Diversity – understood as a structuring element of collective identities open to dialogue and mutual respect.

There are four guidelines of the ODC:

Information - Production and provision of information focused on policies, programs and cultural projects through publications and the ODC portal, updated weekly, and The Network for Cultural Diversity – a collective and collaborative action among participants of the formative processes in the areas of Management and Cultural Diversity.

Training - Development of the work program “Thinking and Acting with Culture”, that trains and updates cultural managers, with a special emphasis on Cultural Diversity. Since 2003 seminars, workshops and specialization courses have been taking place with the aim of training the agents who work in formal and informal circuits of education, communication and art education for effective, creative and transforming work with culture and its diversity.

Research - Development, guidance and participation in surveys and mappings on Cultural Diversity and aspects of cultural management.

Consulting – Consultations providing advice to public institutions, businesses, and non- governmental organizations regarding areas of culture, diversity and cultural management.

The ODC operates in partnership with the following institutions: Department of Citizenship and Cultural Diversity of Ministry and Culture of Brazil, UNESCO office of Brazil, Secretary of State for Culture of Minas Gerais, Municipal Foundation of Culture of Belo Horizonte, Itaú Cultural Observatory Institute, The Guingnard School / UEMG, PUC Minas, Researchers Network on Cultural Policy – REDECult, ArcelorMittal, U-40 Brazilian Respresentation, Kairos Institute and other civil society groups.

Link permanente para este artigo: http://observatoriodadiversidade.org.br/site/institucional/about-ocd/

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