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Considering the current state of possibilities and challenges of the National Culture System and the National Culture Plan – ongoing initiatives in the country – it is important to recognize the procedural and participatory nature of agreement between different social, institutional and political factors to building policies, programs and projects.

Aimed at managers and cultural operators, artists, and educators interested in the area , the approach involves theory and practice in order to create opportunities for training an effective process for the construction of cultural programs and policies for cities and micro-regions.

The course has been carried out since 2003 by the State Law and Federal Incentive Culture, National Culture Fund as well as several institutional partnerships. Since 2013, has been held independently, with the support of partners such as Circuito Cultural Praça da Liberdade.


Link permanente para este artigo: http://observatoriodadiversidade.org.br/site/z-suspensos/training/

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